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Cancer treatment in Turkey: 50% cheaper than in Europe featuring Da Vinci Robot and Gamma Knife

Turkey is a safe place for chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical oncology, and targeted therapy.

Such treatments as 3D conformal radiation therapy, internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy), Gamma Knife, and Da Vinci Robotic surgery are widely available to patients arriving here for cancer care. For screening purposes, you have access to whole-body MRI and genetic predisposition test to see what type of cancer you are prone to, if any.

Whatever oncology treatment in Turkey can be right for you, in Istanbul and Ankara it will always be double cheaper than in Germany, Israel, or the U.S. As a rough guide, Istanbul clinics may charge you anything from $17,000 for 33 high-end radiotherapy sessions. Normally, they also offer special hotel discounts and pick you up from the airport.

Oncology treatment in Turkey specializes in:

  • colon and rectal cancer (For alternative cancer therapy, read about Rigvir cost.)
  • paediatric cancer
  • oral cavity cancer
  • head & neck cancer
  • etc.

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