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Dental tourism in Turkey features porcelain crowns from $170 and free hotel stay

At Turkey’s tourist-friendly dental clinics you will literally feel in safe hands. After you email local dentists your dental X-ray, they will answer you with specific treatment options, costs, and length of stay. Here, you have access to gentle laser treatment, 3D smile modelling, and digital X-rays to give your teeth health, shape, and color they need.

With numerous locations in Istanbul, Antalya, and Bodrum, dental packages available throughout Turkey will pay you off including treatment, housing, and airport pick-up. For instance, a Swiss or U.S. made implant with abutment will cost you from $750 with free airport transfer, porcelain crown from $170, and root canal treatment from $65. You can also find clinics offering 2 nights free of charge if your treatment totals $2,300 and more.

Dental treatment in Turkey offers:

  • non-surgical guided implants
  • bone restoration
  • full mouth restoration
  • porcelain veneers and lumineers
  • crowns and bridges
  • etc.

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