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IVF in Turkey offers packages from $3,000 including medication

Turkey’s average success rate of IVF procedures reaches 32% and is likely to increase. Local clinics are equipped with advanced laboratories and employ highly-trained personnel due to unfortunate growth of infertility in locals and non-residents.

Turkish legislation prohibits surrogacy and allows infertility treatments for married couples only. So, choosing infertility treatment in Turkey, among other things make sure to bring your marriage certificate with you.

The idea of cost savings and tourist-oriented service appeals to many, making Turkey an increasingly popular baby-making destination for couples from Sweden, Italy, Arab countries,etc. Here, an IVF package costs about $3,200 incl. medications while English-speaking staff will help you with anything from special hotel offers nearby your clinic to shopping tours.

Infertility treatment in Turkey features all methods known to medicine today including:

  • embryo transfer
  • egg/sperm donation
  • embryo cryopreservation
  • pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
  • etc.

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