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Plastic surgery in Turkey features your own fat grafting and liposuction for $2,000

Turkey is a good alternative to Thailand if you are looking for long-term results after plastic surgery but not ready for long-distance flight. Digital visualisation of your future look, minimally-invasive surgery with tiny cuts, and applying your own fat to reshape your body is what local plastic surgeons are really good at.

To change the size of your breast in Istanbul, Bodrum, or Ankara would cost you $3,700-$4,300, prices on liposuction start from $2,000 per area, while total nose job can be found for $3,000.

Procedures available to international patients wishing to improve their look regardless of age in Turkey cover:

  • breast lift/reduction/enlargement
  • tummy tuck
  • face/neck/arm/thigh lift
  • post-trauma and post-cancer surgery
  • buttock implants
  • etc.

Overseas patients searching for beauty procedures in Turkey also inquire about dentistry in the USA and Rigvir in South Africa.