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5 reasons to choose medical treatment in the UAE

Health tourism in the UAE is a 10-year-old newcomer who has a lot to offer its customers including 110 JCI-accredited medical facilities

  1. On yearly basis, about 120,000 health travelers flock to hospitals and clinics located in the United Arab Emirates. This is to a great extent was made possible thanks to governmental initiatives and programs which back up the growth of medical tourism in the country.
  2. Local surgeons and physicians are board-certified specialists who complete training courses in the U.S., Germany, and Japan and offer over 85 medical specialties. Demonstrating traditional Arab hospitality and professional medical ethics, they encourage patients and their families to actively participate in the healing process.
  3. Сases of medical errors and hospital infections are reported on rare occasion as safety rules and quality standards of medical treatment in the UAE are being followed very strictly.
  4. Since the mid-2000s, departments catering international patients at local hospitals have been providing accommodation packages, concierge services, and 30+ languages. Overseas patients for whom cost is a key factor also inquire about medical tourism in Ukraine
  5. In 2015, in the United Arab Emirates, there were 110 medical centers and hospitals accredited by JCI Hospital Program, the most prestigious organization to standardize medical services based on international standards.

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