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ENT in the UAE: stress-free clinics and $1,000 for nasal obstruction management

Unexpected pain in your ear during your trip to Dubai or Abu Dhabi can easily spoil your experience, leaving alone more severe cases. However, if any of them happen, consider local ENT clinics which are usually fully equipped to perform micro- and endoscopic ENT exams, cleaning, voice surgery, and perform implantable hearing devices.

In UAE, both adult and paediatric otolaryngology is highly developed. So, before you schedule an appointment at one of the local clinics, be prepared to pay anything from $2,900 for functional endoscopic sinus surgery and $1,000 for nasal obstruction treatment.

Ear, nose, and throat doctors in the UAE specialize in treating:

  • glue ear syndrome and otosclerosis
  • ENT trauma
  • ENT cancer
  • neck lumps
  • nasal polyps
  • etc.

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