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Cancer treatment in the UAE focuses on rare types of the disease in children

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, oncology treatment in the UAE features multiple options. Specifically, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiosurgery, targeted therapy, and hormone therapy. Working hand-in-hand with radiation physicists and reconstructive surgeons, oncologists meet at least twice before scheduling your radiotherapy.

Getting treatment at Dubai or Abu Dhabi clinics has never been cheap. The financial factor pushes many locals to choose cancer treatment in other locations. In the UAE, expect to pay nearly $30,000 for 8 chemotherapy sessions and $22,000 for radiotherapy.

Additionally to cancer in adults, oncology treatment in the UAE covers rare and complex cases in children such as:

  • cancer of unknown primary
  • Wilms tumor (rare type of kidney cancer)
  • Ewing’s Sarcoma (rare type of bone cancer)
  • retinoblastoma (rare type of eye cancer)
  • etc.

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