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5 facts about medical tourism in Ukraine

  1. The first rule to consider while choosing Ukraine for treatment is visiting verified private hospitals and clinics only. Otherwise, you risk facing post-Soviet reality with its low service, under-the-counter payments, and blurred treatment protocols.
  2. Due to their recent opening, medical facilities feature well-recognized equipment brands such as Karl Storz, Olympus, Zeiss, etc. Hospital administrations invest heavily into their staff education in Germany, Italy, the U.S., and South Korea, to stay at the forefront of latest treatment methods including minimally-invasive techniques and stroke rehabilitation programs.
  3. In Ukraine, ancient traditions of spas and mineral water resorts dated back to the 13th century has spun into a large-scale industry. If you suffer from stomach problems, arrhythmias, musculoskeletal or nervous system disorders, local eco-friendly rehab facilities will offer you individual well-developed treatment packages with nutrition advice, detox, and physical therapy.  
  4. Being less dynamic in infrastructural growth compared to other European states, medical services in Ukraine feature most affordable prices throughout Europe on specialized treatments. As a rough guide, ceramic crown costs $130, IVF including medication starts from $2,150, while a minimal price on endoprosthesis replacement would be around $800.
  5. Ukraine provides legislative and organizational background for surrogacy unregulated elsewhere making thousands of infertile couples visit the country each year.

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