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Shed up to 40 kilos within 36 months with weight loss and bariatric surgery in Ukraine

In Ukraine, weight loss programs that last up to 30 days have been developed featuring individual nutrition advice, local mineral water drinking schedule, and detox combined with physical exercises.

If conservative treatment doesn’t bring distinct results or you have previously failed to benefit from similar therapy, local bariatric surgeons will offer gastric sleeve from $2,200 or gastric banding from $900. After weight loss surgery expect to lose up to 40 kg during the following 3 years. The list of procedures available at Ukrainian private clinics to foreign patients covers:

  • gastric balloon which undertakes up to 700 ml of digestive mass
  • manageable stomach bandage through laparoscopic (minimally-invasive) surgery
  • sleeve gastrectomy to resize the stomach by removing its hormone-active zone with appetite hormone ghrelin, or
  • apply biliopancreatic diversion by Hess-Marceau
  • etc.

Foreign patients searching for weight loss in Ukraine also inquire about plastic surgery in the USA and virotherapy in the UK.