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Gynecology in Ukraine features scar-free keyhole surgery and hysterectomy for $440

If you plan your trip to Ukraine for gynecological treatment, focus on private clinics or choose ob & gyn departments at private hospitals. This is because private facilities are much better equipped and regularly sponsor their staff to participate in hands-on trainings and workshops in Italy, the UK, Switzerland, etc.

Local gynecologists widely apply minimally-invasive surgery ensuring faster recovery and no scars, psychological support for infertile women and those after miscarriage, and high-end paediatric gynecologic surgery.

The good new is, prices even at leading Ukrainian private clinics are indeed affordable compared to those throughout Europe. For example, transvaginal hysterectomy (removal of uterus) costs $440 while keyhole surgery of benign ovarian tumors would make about $410.

List of gynecological conditions treated at Ukrainian private clinics available to foreign patients cover:

  • endometriosis
  • pelvic inflammatory diseases
  • prolapse
  • ovarian and cervical cancer
  • polyps and myomas
  • hormonal disorders
  • etc.

Patients considering treatment programs in Ukraine also inquire about cardiology in Austria and Rigvir for prostate cancer.