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Legal surrogacy and affordable IVF in Ukraine attract infertile couples from the UK and Scandinavia

In Ukraine, infertility treatment in private clinics comes in all sizes and shapes featuring over 40% success rate and starting from $2,150 including medications.

On top of medical part, if you arrive to Ukraine from other country including the UK, Italy, Sweden, or France, your package will cover airport pick-up, language services, legal support, housing, etc. Do consider private clinics only to avoid paying under the counter or having to deal with poor service.

In Ukraine, surrogacy is allowed by law and legal services for foreign couples with a baby born in Ukraine are widely available. However, this is true only for gestational surrogacy, where a woman is unable to carry her own child and therefore gives her egg previously combined with a sperm to a surrogate. The later has neither genetic link to a newborn nor rights to leave it for herself. The law on surrogacy puts restrictions on gays, unmarried couples, and single parents.

Infertility treatment in Ukraine offers:

  • sperm and oocyte donation
  • embryo freezing
  • preimplantation genetic screening
  • surrogate matching
  • etc.

Couples looking for IVF in Ukraine also inquire about childbirth in Austria and Rigvir for breast cancer.