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Plastic surgery in Ukraine: 3D modelling to forecast surgery outcomes and rhinoplasty for $3,000

Most likely, you know little about beauty surgery options in Ukraine just like most Europeans and US citizens. While this may be due to the country’s image or location, Ukrainian plastic surgery has skyrocketed in recent years.

Local plastic surgeons complete course trainings in Spain, Italy, and the U.S. on monthly basis. Besides safe minimally-invasive techniques, they have introduced 3D modelling for you to visualize your future surgery outcomes.

Local prices on plastic surgery definitely please the eye especially when compared to those in the UK, Germany, Israel, and even Thailand. Specifically, be prepared to pay $3,000 for rhinoplasty or breast lift, $1,800 for thigh lift, and from $700 for vaginoplasty.

Beauty surgery in Ukraine offers:

  • breast augmentation/reduction/lift
  • tummy tuck
  • nose job
  • eyelid and eyebrow lift
  • face & neck lift
  • etc.

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