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Childbirth in the USA features hydrotherapy and acupuncture to kill the pain

Delivery in the United States is safe and enjoys popularity in many mothers-to-be. To soothe the pain, epidural anesthesia, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and acupuncture is available at any stage of pregnancy. At discharge, new mothers receive breast milk supply, a month readmission,  and powerful neonatal care in case something goes wrong.

A nice addition to a healthy newborn is a possibility to be granted U.S. citizenship as according to local legislation all newborn babies become citizens of the country where they are born. So, if you would like your future baby to be born in the U.S., expect to pay some $17,000 for normal delivery including medication and consumables.

Patients reading this overview often ask about neurology in Austria and Rigvir in the USA.