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Plastic surgery in the USA features high-end 3D modelling to help you visualize future you

Unique painless methods, latest beauty trends, and high-precision 3D modelling of the surgery outcome makes the U.S. experts highly popular in cross-border patients. While some Americans do prefer crossing the southern border for Brazilian butt or an arm lift, U.S. plastic surgeons perform the largest number of plastic operations around the world.  

If you are thinking about improving your look in the U.S., consider the following average costs: $8,000 for facelift, $7,000 for silicone breast augmentation, $6,000 for rhinoplasty, and $2,000 for lip augmentation. If you are a health traveler on budget see plastic surgeons at Preecha Institute (Thailand). 

Plastic surgeons in the USA specialize in:

  • body contouring
  • breast reconstruction after cancer
  • limb reconstruction after trauma
  • hand surgery
  • etc.

Patients reading this overview often inquire about infertility treatment in Brazil and Rigvir in the USA.