BIMC Hospital
  • BIMC Hospital

    Doctors on call from BIMC Hospital Kuta visit patients in their hotels

  • Ambulance services

    BIMC Hospital Kuta offers the 24h Emergency Centre with first aid motorbikes

  • BIMC-Medical Staff

    Staff at BIMC Hospital speaks English and arranges interpretation if needed

  • Emergency Room

    BIMC Hospital has at its disposal helicopters and aircrafts for air ambulance

  • CT-Scan Control Room

    BIMC Hospital offers Siemens 6-slice CT Scan, 3D Ultrasound and digital X-Ray

  • Digital X-Ray

    Health screening at BIMC Hospital is carried out for adults and kids

  • Operating Theatre

    BIMC Hospital operating room has HEPA-filter for fresh air flow and sterility

  • Pathology

    Pathology department at BIMC Hospital uses Olympus CX21 for a variety of tests

  • Ultrasound Room

    At BIMC Hospital ob/gyn screening is always gentle and painless

  • Ward Room

    BIMC Hospital takes pride it its wards with a view and nurse call buttons

24/7 emergency care, 5-star dialysis center, and skillful plastic surgeons at two BIMC Hospitals (Kuta and Nusa Dua) in Bali

If something went wrong during your vacation in Bali and your carefully packed first-aid kit doesn’t help, you may want to consider calling emergency or request a doctor appointment. And if you are an international traveler, the best choice would be BIMC Hospital Bali for a number of reasons:

  • BIMC Hospital is an umbrella for two medical centers located in strategically different places: BIMC Hospital Kuta serves emergency cases around the clock while BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua offers dialysis sessions, dental services, and aesthetic surgery
  • emergency motorbikes and air ambulance on the alert
  • on call doctors to hotels
  • multilingual staff
  • hotel-like wards with nurse calling buttons, adjustable beds, TV, WiFi, and more
  • the only preferred healthcare provider in Indonesia recognized by International Assistance Group

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Medical services offered at two BIMC Hospitals (Kuta and Nusa Dua) in Bali to international patients include:

  • dialysis units with spa services
  • dental work from whitening to root canal treatment
  • surgical and non-surgical beauty procedures
  • intensive care units for emergency cases
  • health screening and radiological scans

Before going to Bali consult your family doctor or health travel specialist well in advance on vaccines required in Bali. Traditionally, they recommend vaccines against hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, typhoid, and rabies.

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