BIMC Hospital
  • BIMC Hospital

    Doctors on call from BIMC Hospital Kuta visit patients in their hotels

  • Ambulance services

    BIMC Hospital Kuta offers the 24h Emergency Centre with first aid motorbikes

  • BIMC-Medical Staff

    Staff at BIMC Hospital speaks English and arranges interpretation if needed

  • Emergency Room

    BIMC Hospital has at its disposal helicopters and aircrafts for air ambulance

  • CT-Scan Control Room

    BIMC Hospital offers Siemens 6-slice CT Scan, 3D Ultrasound and digital X-Ray

  • Digital X-Ray

    Health screening at BIMC Hospital is carried out for adults and kids

  • Operating Theatre

    BIMC Hospital operating room has HEPA-filter for fresh air flow and sterility

  • Pathology

    Pathology department at BIMC Hospital uses Olympus CX21 for a variety of tests

  • Ultrasound Room

    At BIMC Hospital ob/gyn screening is always gentle and painless

  • Ward Room

    BIMC Hospital takes pride it its wards with a view and nurse call buttons

Aesthetic surgery at BIMC Hospital (Nusa Dua) in Bali from accredited surgeons with 10 years of experience

Do you think your breasts are a little under-sized? Would you like to know what are the latest trends in aesthetic procedures? Ready to turn heads whenever you walk into a room?

From dermal filters to tummy tuck and vaginoplasty, cosmetic procedures are always an emotional experience. Being tightly intertwined with an image of existing or future partner, improved body shapes boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. Warning: whether you celebrated your 24th or 54th birthday, cosmetic surgery is not the right tool to repair broken relationships or marriage.

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Department of Cosmetic Surgery at BIMC Hospital Bali offers a variety of procedures for local and international patients.

Surgical procedures:

  • Eyelid surgery makes your eyes look young and fresh removing puffiness and unwanted skin parts
  • Nose surgery improves the overall look of your nose making curved noses straight, big noses smaller, and upturned noses derotated
  • Face and neck lift eliminates visible signs of aging by making your skin taut with much fewer horizontal and vertical wrinkles
  • Ear surgery alters jug ears and adds visual balance to the overall appearance of your face
  • Liposuction removes unwanted fat from your body where physical exercise and diet is helpless
  • Breast lift/augmentation/reduction makes your breasts tighter and eye-catching
  • Vaginoplasty removes excessive tissues from your vagina making it tighter and enhancing your sexual pleasure
  • etc

Non-surgical procedures:

  • Botox injections erase visible signs of aging and help in treating excessive sweating and migraines
  • Microdermabrasion removes the outer layer of your skin together with pigment stains and blocked pores subtracting a few years off your face
  • Thread lift increases blood circulation and tightens skin
  • etc.

Before having an aesthetic surgery at BIMC Hospital, remind yourself that your beauty specialist cannot change prominent facial features inherited from your ancestors. You also have to be prepared to follow strict postoperative recommendations depending on a procedure you choose. The more realistic expectations you have while entering the doctor’s office, the better outcomes you will receive in the end.

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