Fonix Medical Resort
  • Entrance of Fonix Medical Resort

    At Fonix Medical Resort hip or knee surgery with recovery lasts 20 days

  • Restaurant at Fonix Medical Resort

    Certified chef at Fonix Medical Resort serves healthy and nutritious meals

  • Lake in the garden

    Lake in the garden of Fonix Medical Resort pleases the eye of morning runners

  • Pool at Fonix Medical Resort

    Fonix Medical Resort offers indoor swimming pool, diving pool, and sauna

  • Aqua riding

    Aqua riding with a double counterflow swimming system At Fonix Medical Resort

  • Lounge zone Fonix Medical Resort

    Peaceful and comfortable lounge zone at Fonix Medical Resort

  • Wellness Relax area

    Serene wellness relax area on the upper floor of Fonix Medical Resort

  • Massage at Fonix Medical Resort

    Medyjet massage bed for underwater massage effect at Fonix Medical Resort

  • Spiroergometer

    Ergospirometry at Fonix Medical Resort measures heart, respiration, & metabolism

  • Echo

    Ultrasound screening for women in home-like atmosphere at Fonix Medical Resort

  • Deluxe room

    Deluxe room at Fonix Medical Resort is equipped with a nurse calling button

  • Single room

    Single room at Fonix Medical Resort features bed with electronic adjustment

  • Twin room

    Twin room at Fonix Medical Resort offers WiFi, TV, and a mini bar

Fonix Medical Resort (Hungary): 3 free follow-up visits, underwater massage, and personal English-speaking coach

Looking for an affordable rehab option after trauma or surgery with long-term outcomes?

Whether you still need a surgery or a few days of getaway with detox and physiotherapy would be just fine, consider Fonix Medical Resort in Hungary and here’s why.

  1. This homelike rehab and treatment facility is a 1-hour drive from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport and is located in scenic surroundings.
  2. A team of 2 orthopedic surgeons, 1 cardiologist, and 1 physician is excellently qualified to perform thorough health and cardiovascular evaluation, hip and knee surgery, and individually designed physio-rehabilitation programs.
  3. Spending 2 days on tests and additional 2-3 weeks in case of surgical treatment, you leave the center with step-by-step instructions related to your physical exercises and eating habits and 3 free follow-up visits during next 3 months.
  4. You as a health tourist coming from outside Hungary can take advantage of aqua-weekend in the wellness unit equipped with Jacuzzi, saunas, diving pool, water bicycles, and underwater massage.
  5. A personal English-speaking trainer, interpreter, or a nurse is always there to assist you.
  6. You have access to deluxe, standard, and medical rooms with adjustable beds fit for your healthcare needs and budget
  7. Health conscious? Local restaurant offers delicious healthy recipes in a homelike setting to give you enough energy for fast recovery. Picky eater? There are mouth-watering meals for you as well.
  8. If your medical condition allows, you are welcome to go on a guided tour, take horseback riding lessons, enjoy hunting, bicycling, and more.

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