Fonix Medical Resort
  • Entrance of Fonix Medical Resort

    At Fonix Medical Resort hip or knee surgery with recovery lasts 20 days

  • Restaurant at Fonix Medical Resort

    Certified chef at Fonix Medical Resort serves healthy and nutritious meals

  • Lake in the garden

    Lake in the garden of Fonix Medical Resort pleases the eye of morning runners

  • Pool at Fonix Medical Resort

    Fonix Medical Resort offers indoor swimming pool, diving pool, and sauna

  • Aqua riding

    Aqua riding with a double counterflow swimming system At Fonix Medical Resort

  • Lounge zone Fonix Medical Resort

    Peaceful and comfortable lounge zone at Fonix Medical Resort

  • Wellness Relax area

    Serene wellness relax area on the upper floor of Fonix Medical Resort

  • Massage at Fonix Medical Resort

    Medyjet massage bed for underwater massage effect at Fonix Medical Resort

  • Spiroergometer

    Ergospirometry at Fonix Medical Resort measures heart, respiration, & metabolism

  • Echo

    Ultrasound screening for women in home-like atmosphere at Fonix Medical Resort

  • Deluxe room

    Deluxe room at Fonix Medical Resort is equipped with a nurse calling button

  • Single room

    Single room at Fonix Medical Resort features bed with electronic adjustment

  • Twin room

    Twin room at Fonix Medical Resort offers WiFi, TV, and a mini bar

Hip and knee replacement at Fonix Medical Resort in Hungary: walking exercises on day 8 and 3 free follow-up visits

Arthritis? Joint pain while standing up from a sitting position? Looking for an affordable all-in-one place to get rid of your problem the soonest as you are piled with work?

Joint replacement at Fonix Medical Resort in 1-hour drive from Budapest offers cost-conscious 3-week care for orthopedic patients including hi-tech surgery and rehabilitation

On day 1 of your arrival to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, an English-speaking driver will meet you at the gates with your name written on a table. He will then transfer you to Fonix Medical Resort where you will have a guided tour of the place and your first visit to a general physician. Exams, images, and lab tests will help your orthopaedic surgeon decide whether you need joint replacement surgery or drug treatment would be enough.

If your screening results show surgery would be the right option, it will be conducted on day 3 of your stay. Knowing how challenging this day can be for most orthopaedic patients, your doctor will explain you in detail what exactly he is going to do and will make sure you meet an anesthesiologist. It is done to manage intra-operative care and postoperative recovery.

If you are looking for information on virotherapy, please visit Rigvir in the UK.

On days 4-19 after your surgery, your staged rehabilitation process will encompass:

  • breathing therapy
  • isometric training
  • continuous passive motion (CPM)
  • cryotherapy
  • gymnastics
  • supportive and regular walking
  • joint flexibility increase
  • massage
  • etc.

Before you are discharged from Fonix Medical Resort, your doctor will give you all medical reports and scans created during your stay and provide thorough recommendations on your exercises, diet, and lifestyle.

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