Janis Gilis Private Clinic
  • Janis Gilis Private Clinic reception

    Co-ordinators at Janis Gilis Private Clinic welcome beauty seekers since 1992

  • Dr Gilis

    Dr Gilis applies Allergan, Juvederm Ultra, Vistabel, Natrelle, Restylane etc

  • DrGilis 236

    Stem cell therapy for beauty reasons is applied at Janis Gilis Private Clinic

  • Surgery

    Dr Gilis applies Pure Graft™ technique to implant body fat instead of silicone

  • Surgery 1

    Female and male genital surgery is performed at Janis Gilis Private Clinic

  • Ward Room

    At Janis Gilis Private Clinic patients receive individual follow-up care

Dr. Janis Gilis’ plastic surgery is home to 25 experts in surgery, psychology, and pain management

Dr. Janis Gilis’ Private Clinic is a 15-minute drive from Riga International Airport which hosts flights to/from 71 cities. The facility is easily accessible from all parts of the town by car or public transport providing scenic views on the river Daugava and popular tourist attractions. It is through homelike setting and patient-centered approach since 1992 that have made the clinic so popular outside Latvia especially in travelers from western Europe and the UK.

Being a member of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and International Society for Plastic Regenerative Surgery, Dr. Janis Gilis together with 25 members of his team offer:

  • breast surgery
  • facelift
  • genital plastic surgery
  • liposuction (with further thigh/breast enlargement)
  • Botox injections
  • etc.

Understanding that plastic surgery in Latvia is closely linked to other expenses including flights and accommodation, the clinic regularly introduces seasonal discounts for men and women. You also have access to 3D beauty surgery modelling to help you visualize how the procedure happens.

Confidentiality is what usually goes after high expectations patients like you have. Therefore, the clinic offers private comfortable rooms where you are welcome to stay unnoticed during your after-surgery period.

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PS. If you or your family member needs help, please fill in the form on the right, and one of our managers will get back to you in 24 hours.