Hadassah Medical Center
  • Hadassah building

    Over 800 highly-trained physicians are employed at Hadassah Medical Center

  • Hadassah Ein Kerem Mt Scopus

    Hadassah Medical Center has 2 conveniently located hospitals with 1,000-bed capacity

  • Hadassah air emergency service

    Hadassah Medical Center offers around-the-clock Air Ambulance with on-site ICU

  • Hadassah lab

    Over 4 million laboratory tests are performed at Hadassah Medical Center per year

  • Hadassah emergency team

    Average length of stay at Hadassah Medical Center Emergency Unit is 3 days

  • Hadassah surgery

    Patients can feel safe at 31 operating theaters of Hadassah Medical Center

  • Hadassah airport ambulance

    Ambulance car is available from airport to Hadassah Medical Center upon request

  • Hadassah paramedical staff

    Up to 1,500 certified nurses are employed at Hadassah Medical Center

  • Hadassah surgery unit

    Internal Medicine at Hadassah Medical Center is an umbrella for 10 units

  • Hadassah health screening evaluation

    Medical imaging at Hadassah Medical Center: X-rays, MRI, CT, ultrasound, and biopsy

Hadassah Medical Center (Jerusalem): over 70 years of expertise and world’s first robotic hip replacement

You can find tons of websites which arm you with comprehensive information on Hadassah Medical Center. While most of them make you scroll down the page quite a lot, here you can quickly look through bullet points of Hadassah Medical Center:

  • located in Jerusalem just 60 km (37 miles) east of Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel-Aviv
  • consists of two facilities: Hadassah Ein-Kerem University Hospital (set in 1961) and Hadassah Mt.Scopus University Hospital (set in 1939)
  • features 1,000-bed capacity, over 30 operating rooms, and 9 intensive care units
  • employs over 5,000 health professionals

Hadassah Ein-Kerem Hospital offers specialized treatment at over 125 units and is actively involved in gene and stem cell research

Key areas of interest include:

  • cancer care
  • haematology
  • bone marrow transplantation
  • mother and child care
  • emergency care
  • trauma unit
  • neurosurgery
  • gynaecology
  • breast pathology
  • cardiac care
  • etc

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Hadassah Mt.Scopus Hospital features over 25 specialized departments including neonatal intensive care unit

Key areas of interest include:

  • rehabilitation
  • neonatal care
  • genetic pathologies in children
  • neuropaediatrics
  • orthopaedics
  • etc

Hadassah University Hospital is widely recognized for its active participation in helping neighboring countries in natural disasters and outbreaks. Promoting teaching and research, Hadassah Hospitals (Israel) takes special pride in its scientists who won Nobel Prize and performed the world’s first robotic hip replacement.

Applying to one of the two hospitals, you will not only have access to dedicated physicians and compassionate nurses, but also receive help with accommodation for you and your companions, airport pick-up, translation, and leisure.

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