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Lose up to 22 kg per year after obesity treatment at Hospital Quiron Teknon in Barcelona

No success with exercises and/or diet? Looking for a qualified bariatric surgeon in Spain? While the word “surgery” may scare many of those who do not suffer from obesity-associated conditions such as diabetes and joint pain, it may be right for you.

Multidisciplinary step-by-step evaluation of your body at the Department of Bariatrics at Hospital Quiron Teknon in Barcelona as well as individually adjusted surgery and follow-up care ensures proven results

A team of 6 dedicated endocrinologists, general surgeons, and digestive specialists is known for:

  • membership in American Gastroenterology Association
  • membership in Spanish Gastroenterology Association
  • membership in European Association for Endoscopic Surgery
  • regular publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • international opinion-leadership in POSE technique (non-invasive oral stomach reduction)
  • work experience at clinics of the U.S. and Canada
  • professional awards

Here’s the rundown of treatment options available at Hospital Quiron Teknon for patients like you, who most likely will travel to Spain by air:

  • Gastric balloon procedure (non-invasive treatment where a soft balloon full of water is carefully placed into your stomach to suppress the feeling of hunger and help you lose up to 22 kg per year)
  • POSE (non-invasive oral stomach reduction which makes you lose a bit more than 22 kg on yearly basis)
  • Sleeve gastrectomy (minimally-invasive laparoscopic procedure which ensures that you lose up to 70 per cent of your initial excessive weight within first 6 months)
  • Gastric bypass (minimally-invasive laparoscopic procedure with slightly higher risk of infections and/or embolism compared to other methods which helps you get rid of 70 per cent of your initial excessive weight within first 6 months)
  • Adjustable gastric band (minimally-invasive laparoscopic procedure using a ring that can be adjusted or removed any time; the outcome mostly depends on a patient)

For more information about virotherapy, read Rigvir for breast cancer.

Whatever treatment method appears to be right for you, it is through tight cooperation and trust between you and your doctor that you will see the desired digits on a scale. The fact that you will get smaller stomach suggests that you will reconsider your lifestyle habits including diet and exercises.

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