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Skilled ENT specialists at Hospital Quiron Teknon (Barcelona) provide dedicated care for hearing loss in children and head/neck cancer

Searching for a qualified ENT expert in Barcelona to stop ear pain, snoring, nasal stuffiness, or allergy? Wondering where to find a good otolaryngologist for your child? Take a minute to learn what treatment ear, nose, and throat specialists provide at JCI-accredited Hospital Quiron Teknon.

As ear, nose, and throat are closely located with one another, chances are, you may misdiagnose your condition like most patients. Specifically, allergy are frequently be mistaken for a cold.

Since 1994 a team of otolaryngologists at Hospital Quiron Teknon (Barcelona) has been strong advocates of highly accurate diagnosis to identify conditions such as:

  • hearing loss in children
  • head and neck cancer (For alternative treatment, please see Rigvir in Canada.)
  • neck tumors
  • Eagle syndrome
  • Vertigo
  • snoring
  • rhinitis
  • tinnitus
  • ENT trauma/injury
  • etc.

After discussing your complaints and symptoms and making necessary diagnostic tests and procedures, your ENT will talk with you about potential treatment options. To help you sniff, swallow, or hear with ease, he/she may recommend:

  • laser therapy
  • radiofrequency therapy
  • skull-base surgery
  • functional nasal surgery
  • voice surgery
  • etc.

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