Hospital Quiron Teknon
  • Teknon Medical Center JCI

    Teknon Medical Center was founded in 1994 and boasts JCI accreditation

  • Teknon Medical Center neurology

    Teknon Medical Center specializes in neurology for adults and children

  • Teknon Medical Center Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery™ tumor

    Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery™ at Teknon Medical Center for brain & vascular tumor

  • Teknon Medical Center Maxillofacial surgery

    Maxillofacial surgery at Teknon Medical Center: 1-day complete mouth remodeling

  • Teknon Medical Center ophthalmology eye care

    Eye care at Teknon Medical Center features ICL lenses, vitrectomy, Excimer laser

  • Teknon Medical Center cardiology Heart surgery

    Heart surgery at Teknon Medical Center: Ross procedure and aneurysm surgery

Expert infertility treatment at Hospital Quiron Teknon in Barcelona performed by 21 specialists

If you are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant after a year of attempts, it may be time to address the question to reproductive specialists. And if Spain doesn’t sound too far, see below why Hospital Quiron Teknon is worth considering:

  • usually the staff helps you achieve normal pregnancy and only then turns to assisted reproduction techniques
  • complete fertility checkup for you as a female patient (ultrasound, hormone analysis, hysteroscopy to check uterus, hysterosalpingography of fallopian tubes, karyotype to check chromosome set, immunological test, etc.)
  • complete fertility checkup for you as a male patient (semen analysis and sperm DNA analysis, hormone and genetic tests, testicular sperm extraction if needed, karyotype to check chromosome set, etc)
  • step-by-step explanation of your program before you arrive to Barcelona
  • clear costs with no hidden extra charges so you plan your budget accordingly
  • directly flights from most European destinations

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IVF packages, genetic counselling, TESE and egg donation at Hospital Quiron Teknon are delivered by a team of compassionate embryologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, psychologists, and nurses since 1994

Treating you as the individual person, not just the patient, your reproductive specialist will answer your questions including “when to schedule an intercourse?”, “is artificial insemination right for me?”, “does pre-implantation diagnostics damage an embryo?”, “can I apply for IVF if I’m 47?”, etc.

Here’s the rundown of specialized procedures offered at Hospital Quiron Teknon to which can be discussed during your first visit:

  • ovarian stimulation
  • artificial insemination
  • in-vitro-fertilization
  • egg and embryo donation
  • TESE (testicular sperm extraction)
  • PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis)
  • vasectomy reversal
  • etc.

You and your partner may benefit from IVF at Hospital Quiron Teknon as well as other assisted reproduction tools because the staff knows how stressful the entire process can be. Therefore, they do their best to make you feel comfortable and assist you in every way through your fertility journey including pre-travel arrangements and translation service if needed.

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