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    Teknon Medical Center was founded in 1994 and boasts JCI accreditation

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    Maxillofacial surgery at Teknon Medical Center: 1-day complete mouth remodeling

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Rehabilitation Department at Hospital Quiron Teknon (Spain) offers recovery options for adults and kids including post-trauma and post-cancer conditions

Considering rehabilitation in Barcelona after surgery or trauma? If you would like to spend your time and resources wisely, be sure to learn more about the city’s best rehab options at Hospital Quiron Teknon.

Investing heavily into education of its staff, JCI-accredited Hospital Quiron Teknon has been providing solution-oriented approach in electrotherapy, kinesitherapy, and thermal therapy since 1994

A team of licensed physiotherapists and rehabilitation physicians at Rehabilitation Department at Hospital Quiron Teknon offers you high-touch inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. From friendly front-desk staff to experienced physical therapists, you will feel in safe hands who will work with you face-to-face to help you return to your normal life safely and as quickly as possible.

Communicating openly with you and your companions, the staff will encourage you to participate actively in decision-making related to your health to promote recovery.

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Adult conditions handled by physical therapists at Hospital Quiron Teknon encompass:

  • after-surgery (total hip/knee replacement, surgery on meniscus and ligament, etc)
  • after-trauma (fractures, dislocations, etc)
  • degenerative (arthritis, arthrosis, etc)
  • hand pathology (carpal tunnel, damaged nerve, etc)
  • fibromyalgia
  • after-cancer (breast, haematology, etc)
  • spinal (osteoporosis, disc hernia, cervicalgia, dorsalgia, etc)
  • pelvic floor muscle recovery
  • peripheral nerve injury
  • amputated limb
  • neurological
  • respiratory
  • etc.

Paediatric conditions treated by the hospital rehabilitation team include:

  • spinal
  • respiratory
  • orthopaedic
  • foot and hand
  • newborn injury
  • torticollis
  • etc.

Having carefully studied your medical reports and recommendations, your physical therapist will usually educate you about one or more of the following therapies that will be right for you:

  • manual therapy
  • electrotherapy
  • electrostimulation
  • thermal therapy
  • mechanic therapy
  • kinesitherapy
  • etc.

Choosing Hospital Quiron Teknon as a place to undergo your rehabilitation, you will benefit from travel assistance including booking accommodation, language service, transfers, invitation letter for your visa, etc.

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