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    Teknon Medical Center was founded in 1994 and boasts JCI accreditation

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    Teknon Medical Center specializes in neurology for adults and children

  • Teknon Medical Center Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery™ tumor

    Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery™ at Teknon Medical Center for brain & vascular tumor

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    Maxillofacial surgery at Teknon Medical Center: 1-day complete mouth remodeling

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    Eye care at Teknon Medical Center features ICL lenses, vitrectomy, Excimer laser

  • Teknon Medical Center cardiology Heart surgery

    Heart surgery at Teknon Medical Center: Ross procedure and aneurysm surgery

Board certified urology specialists at Hospital Quiron Teknon have been applying advanced medical wisdom since 1994

Having concerns related to your urinary tract, genitals, or reproductive system? If you are aged 50+, procrastination may trigger the condition, which grows increasingly common with age.

Your clinically skilled urologist at Hospital Quiron Teknon understands that urological conditions can be both physically and emotionally challenging and therefore provides as specialized, compassionate, and painless care as possible

Urologic care provided by solution-oriented team of licensed practitioners is geared towards troubleshooting such sensitive conditions as:

  • non-cancerous hyperplasia
  • kidney stones
  • sexual dysfunction
  • male contraception (More about infertility treatment in Turkey.)
  • urinary infections and incontinence
  • prostate pathologies incl. cancer (For alternative therapies, please read about Rigvir in the USA.)
  • etc.

As male patients at any age are less likely than women to undergo regular routine checkups, urologists at Hospital Quiron Teknon have significant experience in treating rare and complex conditions. To do so, they apply high-precision laser treatment and non-suture minimally-invasive technique to boost your recovery, eliminate pain, and ensure better aesthetic effect.

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