Iscare Clinical Centre

    ISCARE IVF (Clinical Centre of Assisted Reproduction) has success rate above 40%

  • Patients Hall

    It takes 30 minutes to take to ISCARE IVF from the airport in Prague

  • IVF Room

    More than a 1000 cycles are performed in this IVF Room at ISCARE IVF per year

  • IVF Room 2

    Since 1995 the IVF team at ISCARE IVF has helped to conceive 8500 babies

  • Laboratory

    ISCARE IVF laboratory performs ICSI, PICSI, IVM, PGD, PGS, vitrification etc

  • Ward Iscare IVF

    Patient wards at ISCARE IVF are equipped with nurse calling system

Iscare Clinic (Prague): over 1000 IVF cycles yearly and up to 36 kg lost within 12 months after weight loss surgery

Failed to conceive after 6 to 12 months of trying? Frustrated after denials due to age, low egg supply, or high FSH? In fact, being tightly connected with hormonal disbalance, infertility can sometimes be caused by overweight.

ISCARE Clinic helps couples like yours for whom pregnancy takes longer than planned and reasons are many

Established in 1994 and located half an hour’s drive away from Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, ISCARE Clinic offers the following procedures for you and your partner:

  • embryo transfer
  • egg donation
  • etc.

Those looking for alternative ways to treat cancer can read the article about Rigvir in South Africa.

If you have more than a few extra kilos, ISCARE Clinic (Prague) will also help you get rid of them in a year

Being the largest weight loss surgery facility in the Czech Republic, the clinic offers you a variety of bariatric treatments including:

  • gastric sleeve
  • gastric band
  • gastric plication
  • etc.

In addition to outcomes-driven obesity treatment, ISCARE surgeons successfully grapple with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Since 2006, the clinic has launched plastic surgery center to provide high-end beauty procedures offering a less costly alternative to destinations like Germany and Israel. For other popular aesthetic surgery clinics please see Janis Gilis Private Clinic in Latvia and Kardiolita in Lithuania.

PS. If you or your family member needs help, please fill in the form on the right, and one of our managers will get back to you in 24 hours.