Iscare Clinical Centre

    ISCARE IVF (Clinical Centre of Assisted Reproduction) has success rate above 40%

  • Patients Hall

    It takes 30 minutes to take to ISCARE IVF from the airport in Prague

  • IVF Room

    More than a 1000 cycles are performed in this IVF Room at ISCARE IVF per year

  • IVF Room 2

    Since 1995 the IVF team at ISCARE IVF has helped to conceive 8500 babies

  • Laboratory

    ISCARE IVF laboratory performs ICSI, PICSI, IVM, PGD, PGS, vitrification etc

  • Ward Iscare IVF

    Patient wards at ISCARE IVF are equipped with nurse calling system

ISCARE Clinic (Prague) offers nose surgery from $830 and 2 breast implants with lifetime replacement guarantee

Are you willing to show others how good you feel on the inside through your appearance? Looking for ways to make your contours more eye-catching? If you are considering beauty surgery or less invasive procedure at an affordable cost in the Czech Republic, this page will hopefully give you an advice on what to expect.

Two board-certified plastic surgeons at ISCARE Clinic (Prague), Dr. Satankova, MD, and Dr. Vatlak, MD, will make sure you feel at ease and are satisfied with the results.

Performing procedures on men and women that cost 2-3 times less than those in Western Europe and the UK, the clinic offers breast uplift from $1,700 and rhinoplasty from $830. They also browse vascular surgery in Turkey to give their legs a more aesthetic look. Other than budget-friendly prices, ISCARE Clinic enhances your experience with a personal supervisor, free airport pick-up, English-speaking staff, and comfortable rooms with WiFi and TV.

Surgical beauty procedures you have access to at ISCARE Clinic:

  • facelift is performed on persons aged 40+ under general anesthesia, lasts up to 3 hours, and requires 1-2 days hospital stay
  • rhinoplasty is suitable for persons 18+, is performed under local or general anesthesia, lasts up to 2 hours, and requires 1-2 days hospital stay
  • breast augmentation can be chosen by individuals 18+, is performed under general anesthesia with round or teardrop implants during 1-hour surgery, and needs 1-day hospitalization
  • thigh lift requires general anesthesia, lasts up to 2 hours, and implies 1-day hospital stay
  • Brazilian butt lift follows liposuction of abdomen and waist, the surgery lasts 2 hours under general anesthesia, and normally requires up to 4 days for recovery
  • etc.

For other treatments, read about urology in Turkey and Rigvir in Australia.

PS. If you or your family member needs help, please fill in the form on the right, and one of our managers will get back to you in 24 hours.