Kardiolita Hospital
  • Kardiolita JCI Lithuania

    Kardiolita is the only JCI-accredited hospital in Lithuania since 1998

  • Kardiolita heart surgeons

    Heart surgeons at Kardiolita treat rare cardiac abnormalities in adults and kids

  • Kardiolita international patients personal manager

    Kardiolita staff assigns personal manager to every international patient

  • Kardiolita personal nurse in-patient

    In-patient treatment at Kardiolita implies an individual nurse around-the-clock

  • Kardiolita orthopaedics knee foot surgery

    Orthopaedic surgeons at Kardiolita offer knee, foot, hand, and shoulder surgery

  • Kardiolita accommodation family patient

    Family members of Kardiolita patients can stay overnight in the same ward

  • Kardiolita intensive care unit

    Kardiolita features fully-equipped intensive care unit with adjustable beds

  • Kardiolita minimally invasive surgery

    At Kardiolita surgeons apply minimally-invasive techniques where possible

  • Kardiolita reception translation

    Patient-oriented staff at Kardiolita arranges paperwork and language assistance

  • Kardiolita airport transfer accommodation

    Airport shuttle and accommodation can be arranged by Kardiolita upon request

Kardiolita Hospital: the only JCI accreditation in Lithuania, 45 medical specialities, and no waiting lists

Patient-oriented, money-saving, and long-term postoperative results. These are keywords 78% international patients use to describe their experience in Kardiolita (Vilnius). If you are considering Lithuania as an option for treatment, you will be charmed by this former heart facility taking care of more than 1,000 international patients per year.

Offering diagnostic and treatment services in 45 medical specialties, the dynamic English-speaking team at Kardiolita focuses on:

  • heart surgery
  • neurosurgery
  • orthopaedics
  • gynaecological surgery
  • urological surgery
  • plastic surgery
  • vascular surgery
  • etc.

As the only JCI-accredited private hospital in Lithuania, Kardiolita has a thoroughly developed infrastructure for international patients. At Kardiolita, you as a patient have 24/7 access to 3 operating theaters, a dozen of beds at ICU, and an individual nurse. To keep your tissues undamaged and quicken your recovery period, surgeons at Kardiolita apply minimally invasive surgery where the situation dictates.

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Key reasons for choosing Kardiolita as your health check-point in Lithuania are:

  • no waiting lists and personal manager for every patient
  • English-speaking physicians and nurses
  • accommodation for companions (staying in a patient’s ward)
  • airport pick-up service
  • paperwork and language assistance
  • costs lower than in Western Europe

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