Kardiolita Hospital
  • Kardiolita JCI Lithuania

    Kardiolita is the only JCI-accredited hospital in Lithuania since 1998

  • Kardiolita heart surgeons

    Heart surgeons at Kardiolita treat rare cardiac abnormalities in adults and kids

  • Kardiolita international patients personal manager

    Kardiolita staff assigns personal manager to every international patient

  • Kardiolita personal nurse in-patient

    In-patient treatment at Kardiolita implies an individual nurse around-the-clock

  • Kardiolita orthopaedics knee foot surgery

    Orthopaedic surgeons at Kardiolita offer knee, foot, hand, and shoulder surgery

  • Kardiolita accommodation family patient

    Family members of Kardiolita patients can stay overnight in the same ward

  • Kardiolita intensive care unit

    Kardiolita features fully-equipped intensive care unit with adjustable beds

  • Kardiolita minimally invasive surgery

    At Kardiolita surgeons apply minimally-invasive techniques where possible

  • Kardiolita reception translation

    Patient-oriented staff at Kardiolita arranges paperwork and language assistance

  • Kardiolita airport transfer accommodation

    Airport shuttle and accommodation can be arranged by Kardiolita upon request

Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases at Kardiolita for patients coming from Europe, Asia, and other locations

A team of 6 gastroenterologists at Kardiolita (Vilnius) provide complex diagnostics and treatment to patients with disorders of:

  • stomach
  • pancreas
  • colon
  • small intestine
  • liver
  • esophagus
  • etc.

Most abdominal surgeries are performed as minimally invasive procedures. It means that a few small 5 cm cuts are made in the abdominal area for surgeons to insert their instruments and visual aid tools. Compared to traditional surgery where 15-20 cm cut is made, minimally invasive procedures shorten recovery period to 2-3 days and have a markedly better aesthetic effect leaving no scars. Your gastrointestinal diseases at Kardiolita will be discussed in details with your gastroenterologist who will offer methods that best suit your diagnosis and health condition.

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