Kardiolita Hospital
  • Kardiolita JCI Lithuania

    Kardiolita is the only JCI-accredited hospital in Lithuania since 1998

  • Kardiolita heart surgeons

    Heart surgeons at Kardiolita treat rare cardiac abnormalities in adults and kids

  • Kardiolita international patients personal manager

    Kardiolita staff assigns personal manager to every international patient

  • Kardiolita personal nurse in-patient

    In-patient treatment at Kardiolita implies an individual nurse around-the-clock

  • Kardiolita orthopaedics knee foot surgery

    Orthopaedic surgeons at Kardiolita offer knee, foot, hand, and shoulder surgery

  • Kardiolita accommodation family patient

    Family members of Kardiolita patients can stay overnight in the same ward

  • Kardiolita intensive care unit

    Kardiolita features fully-equipped intensive care unit with adjustable beds

  • Kardiolita minimally invasive surgery

    At Kardiolita surgeons apply minimally-invasive techniques where possible

  • Kardiolita reception translation

    Patient-oriented staff at Kardiolita arranges paperwork and language assistance

  • Kardiolita airport transfer accommodation

    Airport shuttle and accommodation can be arranged by Kardiolita upon request

Highly-qualified women's health specialists at Kardiolita for patients coming from Europe, Asia, and other locations

Diagnosed with ovarian cyst or endometriosis? Pelvic floor pain and menstrual disorders can also add more fuel to the flame of uncertainty and stress.

A team of 5 women’s health specialists at Kardiolita who undergo regular trainings in Switzerland, Sweden, and Austria offer compassionate treatment for your delicate question whether you are 15 or just turned 65. As young ladies and mature women tend to carry a handful of prejudice towards their health issues, your gynecologist at Kardiolita will first debunk all myths, answer your questions, and then explain in detail what is the best solution in your specific case.

Research-based gynecology at Kardiolita (Vilnius) encompasses:

  • screening program for women over 30 and over 40 (including gynecological, breast, and thyroid check-up as well as a variety of hormone tests)
  • surgical procedures: laparoscopic cyst and polyp removal, laparoscopic hysterectomy, hysteroscopy, chromosalpingoscopy
  • etc.

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As a female patient arriving to Lithuania to solve your health issue, you will receive step-by-step recommendations and assistance from the personnel from the very beginning of your journey. Specifically, it means a driver will pick you up at the airport, your accompanying person will be staying in a ward next to yours, and your medical reports will be carefully and confidentially handled by the staff. Women applying to the Department of Gynecology at Kardiolita come with stress and leave with health.

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