Mahkota Medical Centre
  • 1MMCBuilding

    Mahkota More than 50,000 foreign patients visit Mahkota Medical Center each year

  • 2Lobby

    Mahkota Medical Center offers free shuttle service and personal data protection

  • 4Health Screening

    Health screening at Mahkota Medical Center: same day results and free breakfast

  • 3Dr  Patient

    Air-conditioning and complimentary meals in all wards of Mahkota Medical Center

  • 5Laboratory

    Mahkota Medical Center lab: 1,400 tests per hour and MS ISO 15189 accreditation

  • 6X-ray

    At Mahkota Medical Center 79% of X-ray reports are provided within 1 hour

  • 7CT Scan

    64-slice CT-Scan and 20-slice CT-Scan is applied at Mahkota Medical Center

  • 8MRI

    Diagnostic Center at Mahkota Medical Center features 1.5T MRI and Bone DEXA Scan

  • 9Waiting area

    Welcoming waiting areas at Mahkota Medical Center are always at your disposal

  • 10Ward

    Nurse stations at Mahkota Medical Center operate on around-the-clock basis

  • 11Radiotherapy

    Radiotherapy at Mahkota Medical Center: 15 minutes, 5 times a week, 1-7 weeks

  • 12Chemo Centre

    At Mahkota Medical Center patients are advised on dosages and follow-up care

Cardiac care at Mahkota Medical Center helps you breathe freely after valve repair or stenting

If you you know firsthand how chest discomfort and rapid heartbeats feel, then you are sensible of timely heart care. Coupled with sweating and shortness of breath, these symptoms may be an entree to a heart seizure.

Heart surgery at Mahkota Hospital covers coronary angioplasty, coronary artery bypass graft, and valve replacement/repair, featuring 8,500 operations performed during last 5 years

Equipped with 64 Slides CT Scan, MRI Scan, and 3D coronary angiography for better imaging of your heart, the multidisciplinary team accurately diagnoses heart diseases in adults and children. The heart crew here consists of 4 gifted cardiologists and 2 thoracic surgeons who regularly complete training courses in the US and UK.

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Promoting outcomes-driven, cost-conscious medical services in cross-border patients, cardiac care at Mahkota Hospital offers you or your loved ones:

  • congenital heart defect corrective surgery
  • coronary artery bypass surgery
  • coronary angiogram/angioplasty
  • 24 hour Holter monitoring
  • valve repair/replacement
  • heart catheterization
  • pacemakers
  • stenting
  • heart rehabilitation programs
  • etc.

At Mahkota Medical Centre, compassionate team will answer your questions and explain your options, so you can smartly plan your arrival and stay at the hospital.

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