Mahkota Medical Centre
  • 1MMCBuilding

    Mahkota More than 50,000 foreign patients visit Mahkota Medical Center each year

  • 2Lobby

    Mahkota Medical Center offers free shuttle service and personal data protection

  • 4Health Screening

    Health screening at Mahkota Medical Center: same day results and free breakfast

  • 3Dr  Patient

    Air-conditioning and complimentary meals in all wards of Mahkota Medical Center

  • 5Laboratory

    Mahkota Medical Center lab: 1,400 tests per hour and MS ISO 15189 accreditation

  • 6X-ray

    At Mahkota Medical Center 79% of X-ray reports are provided within 1 hour

  • 7CT Scan

    64-slice CT-Scan and 20-slice CT-Scan is applied at Mahkota Medical Center

  • 8MRI

    Diagnostic Center at Mahkota Medical Center features 1.5T MRI and Bone DEXA Scan

  • 9Waiting area

    Welcoming waiting areas at Mahkota Medical Center are always at your disposal

  • 10Ward

    Nurse stations at Mahkota Medical Center operate on around-the-clock basis

  • 11Radiotherapy

    Radiotherapy at Mahkota Medical Center: 15 minutes, 5 times a week, 1-7 weeks

  • 12Chemo Centre

    At Mahkota Medical Center patients are advised on dosages and follow-up care

Neurological, orthopaedic, and speech rehab at Mahkota Medical Centre for adults and children

Visiting the doctor or hospital can be rather stressful. And whether you come to Malaysia from near or far, local physical therapists will make sure your recovery becomes as effective and well-priced as possible.

Rehabilitation Center at Mahkota Medical Centre has been in the field of assisting patients after trauma, sports injury, stroke, and speech issues since 1995.

With relatively similar list of physiotherapeutic services, other rehab facilities across the entire Asia Pacific are nowhere near as welcoming and patient-oriented as the one at Mahkota Medical Centre.

Here, 6 highly-trained members of the rehab team include physiotherapists, occupational therapist, psychologist, and a speech therapist. They are well aware that your recovery is all about adjusting to a new way of life in the shortest time possible. And they do all they can from easy to understand instructions and proven manual therapy to delicious on-site meals to make you feel in good hands.

Striving to help you achieve utmost independence in your daily routine, physical therapists at Mahkota Medical Centre provide:

  • sport rehabilitation
  • neurological rehabilitation
  • pain management
  • after-surgery rehabilitation (For alternative cancer care, visit virotherapy in the UK.)
  • post-pregnancy programs
  • behavioural therapy
  • cognitive trainings
  • post-burn and post-amputation rehabilitation
  • cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and autism rehabilitation
  • family therapy
  • emotional assessment
  • speech disorders: mispronunciation, lisping, stuttering, etc.
  • voice disorder
  • cleft palate related speech disorders
  • etc.

Having developed an individual treatment plan for you or the one you need, your physician will take time to ensure that you speak the same language in terms of end results and that your experience is both rewarding and comfortable.

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