Maurina Vein Clinic
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    Dr Maurins Vein Clinic is a cozy home-like facility rather than a hospital

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    English, German, French, and Russian are spoken at Dr Maurins Vein Clinic

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    15-minute sclerotherapy with ultrasound supervision at Dr Maurins Vein Clinic

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    30-minute laser surgery and 2-3 hour post-op walk at Dr Maurins Vein Clinic

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    Patient rooms at Dr Maurins Vein Clinic for post-operative care

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    At Dr Maurins Vein Clinic Shave surgery is applied for atrophic ulcers

Dr. Maurina Vein Clinic in Riga offers vascular diagnostics from 39 EUR and 6 treatment options

 Tired of swollen and heavy legs at the end of the day? Wish your legs had smoother skin with no spider veins? Looking for well-priced treatment of vascular disease in Europe?  

7 reasons to schedule an appointment at Dr. Maurina Vein Clinic

  1. phlebologists of the clinic are members of German, Baltic, and Mexican societies of phlebology and are supervised by prof. Rabe, world’s opinion leader in treatment of vascular diseases from Germany
  2. the team provides treatment for varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, trophic ulcers, and more
  3. over 20,000 patients visit the clinic annually while phlebologists perform over 2,500 surgeries per year
  4. the staff speaks English, German, French, Polish, Latvian, and Russian
  5. the clinic features 3 locations in Riga and is a 30-minute drive from Riga International Airport
  6. vein sclerotherapy starts from 57 EUR
  7. the staff helps with accommodation and airport pick-up

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Vein diseases frequently affect those with the following risk factors:

  • obesity
  • age 50+
  • female sex
  • family history of varicose veins
  • sitting/standing for extended periods

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