Maurina Vein Clinic
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    Dr Maurins Vein Clinic is a cozy home-like facility rather than a hospital

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    English, German, French, and Russian are spoken at Dr Maurins Vein Clinic

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    15-minute sclerotherapy with ultrasound supervision at Dr Maurins Vein Clinic

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    30-minute laser surgery and 2-3 hour post-op walk at Dr Maurins Vein Clinic

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    Patient rooms at Dr Maurins Vein Clinic for post-operative care

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    At Dr Maurins Vein Clinic Shave surgery is applied for atrophic ulcers

Treatment of vascular diseases at Dr. Maurina Vein Clinic features 6 procedures starting from 57 EUR

Suffering from discomfort or pain in your legs? Would like to get rid of twisted veins and spider veins? Tired of burning and itching?

If so, vascular disease treatment at dr. Maurina Vein Clinic offers regular and foam sclerotherapy, laser surgery, lymphatic drainage, and more

Prior to treatment, your phlebologist will conduct ultrasound examination of your veins to detect problematic areas. Typically, it takes 15 minutes for both legs followed by one of the following treatments:

  • Sclerotherapy is recommended for you, if your legs have unsightly look and are covered with multiple spider veins. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and lasts 15 minutes.
  • Foam sclerotherapy is a similar procedure during which medication is mixed into the foam to ensure tight contact with vein walls. It is applied for narrow and twisted veins. Likewise, it takes 15 minutes and needs no overnight stay.
  • Laser surgery with BiolitecELVeSPainless is today’s one of the most effective non-invasive treatment for varicose veins in the world. Total time needed for both legs is up to an hour with almost no chance of damaging neighboring tissues or recurrence. Your phlebologist will recommend a long walk after the surgery before you return to your hotel room. For health check-up in Europe, please visit health screening in Barcelona.  
  • Shave surgery is an option for those who have long neglected treatment of varicose veins causing trophic ulcers. Follow-up care requires wearing compression stockings to ensure needed results in a few weeks.
  • Lymphatic drainage helps patients with excessive amount of liquid in their body which slows down metabolic processes. The procedure helps get rid of cellulite and swelling.
  • Compression hosiery keeps your legs fit on daily basis by minimizing pressure of blood flow in veins. It helps you forget about the feeling of heavy or swollen legs.

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