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    Prof. G.Grybauskas, gastroenterologist at MDTC, examines a female patient

  • Kinesitherapy session at Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center

    Rehabilitation at MDTC implies kinesitherapy, electrotherapy, and acupuncture

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    Immunophermental Analysis Lab at MDTC: onco-markers, thyroid, sex hormones etc.

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    Immunophermental Analysis Lab at MDT: analyses of various infectious diseases

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    Cataract surgery at MDTC with painless ultrasonic phacoemulsification

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    Magnetic field (Bemer) therapy at MDTC reduces pain and swelling after trauma

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    MD Alisauskas, ob/gyn at MDTC: 64 academic works & training in Germany & France

Heart Care at Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center (Lithuania): affordable and team-based

“Tell me what’s bothering you.” This is the first thing a doctor from the Center of Cardiology at MDTC in Vilnius will ask you when you enter his/her room. For accurate diagnosis it’s important for him/her to hear your own description of sensations and symptoms.

It will take 1 day for specialists in cardiology at MDTC (Lithuania) to answer the question whether or not you need heart surgery after a physical exam and 11 tests

Before you arrive to the hospital, its English-speaking staff will tell you what to bring for your first appointment during which your doctor will carefully conduct:

  • physical evaluation
  • complex blood test (levels of cholesterol, glucose, homocysteine, etc)
  • urine test
  • exercise tolerance test
  • resting electrocardiogram
  • etc

Having thoroughly checked your blood, urine, and how well your heart pumps blood in action or while resting, your doctor will explain in detail what is going on with your heart and what further steps you should consider taking.

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