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    1-day health check-up, 53 specialties, travel assistance, & English at MDTC

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    Prof. G.Grybauskas, gastroenterologist at MDTC, examines a female patient

  • Kinesitherapy session at Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center

    Rehabilitation at MDTC implies kinesitherapy, electrotherapy, and acupuncture

  • Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre Immunophermental Analysis Lab

    Immunophermental Analysis Lab at MDTC: onco-markers, thyroid, sex hormones etc.

  • Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center laboratory infectious diseases

    Immunophermental Analysis Lab at MDT: analyses of various infectious diseases

  • Cataract surgery Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center

    Cataract surgery at MDTC with painless ultrasonic phacoemulsification

  • Pulse magnetic and light therapy BEMER Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center

    Magnetic field (Bemer) therapy at MDTC reduces pain and swelling after trauma

  • Obstretician gynecologist Alisauskas Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center

    MD Alisauskas, ob/gyn at MDTC: 64 academic works & training in Germany & France

Neurologists and neurosurgeons at Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center offer uncostly expert care compared to those in Western Europe

If you have a brain or spine-related health concern and are looking for a neurologist or neurosurgeon in Vilnius with good experience, you are on the right page.

A team of 9 neurosurgeons and neurologists at MDTC (Lithuania) regularly advance their skills during training courses and workshops in Salzburg, Scotland, Bonn, and Georgia (U.S.)

Your neurologist at MDTC will first carefully listen to your complaints, study your previous medical reports if you bring them, and conduct a thorough screening of your brain or spinal cord. All screening procedures can be done in a day. And in case you need surgery, the following surgical options can be provided:

  • minimally-invasive herniated or ruptured disc repair
  • open herniated or ruptured disc repair
  • operation on peripheral nerves
  • etc.

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In most cases, minimally-invasive surgery is applied to ensure quicker recovery time (you can be discharged from the hospital within 2 days), less pain and better aesthetics (a few small cuts are made leaving no scars after the surgery).

A friendly English-speaking staff of the center is ready to help you with accommodation, airport pick-up, and translation if necessary.

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