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Treatment of vascular diseases at Medical Diagnosic and Treatment Center: get healthy legs during your stay in Vilnius in 1 day

Tired of heaviness in your legs and swollen feet? Feeling uncomfortable revealing your dark purple veins in public? While vein disease itself is rarely dangerous, it may lead to life-threatening deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

If you have an upcoming trip to Lithuania, you may combine it with your visit to Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Vilnius located only 6 miles away from the local airport.

If you are looking for alternative cancer treatment, check Rigvir in Latvia.

Performed by vascular specialists since 1995, vascular disease treatment at MDTC (Lithuania) is affordable and effective

A team of vascular specialists at MDTC advance their skills in Paris, Oslo, Germany, and New York each time applying new approaches and equipment at their department. Working regularly with international patients like you, your vascular surgeon at MDTC understands that you are likely to be short of time and would like to undergo not too expensive checkup and treatment in a day or two.

After thorough evaluation of your legs, your doctor will explain you in detail treatment options available such as:

  • laser treatment of varicose veins with local anesthesia and same-day discharge from the hospital
  • traditional removal of varicose veins

While most physicians speak English, some specialists have mastered German or French. In such cases, English-speaking staff will help you understand your vascular surgeon during your appointment and assist in finding accommodation according to your budget and needs.

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