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Daily tumor councils for every international patient at Neolife Oncology Center (Turkey)

NeoLife Medical Center is about 40 minutes away from Ataturk International Airport (Istanbul). It opened its doors as a specialized cancer treatment facility in 2010 and since then has provided treatment to more than 5 800 patients including those from Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Bahrain, CIS and African regions, and more.

Before you, as an international or local patient, arrive for the scheduled appointment at Neolife Oncology Center, you will be asked to provide all medical reports, tests, and images if any. It is done to assist Multidisciplinary Tumor Council members in evaluating your case and predetermine treatment methods, cost estimate, and rehabilitation options if needed.

Multidisciplinary Tumor Council at NeoLife Oncology Center features:

  • Oncologists
  • Radiologists
  • Pathologists
  • Related specialists

The Council then will focus extensively on the materials you provide. Usually, its members schedule 30 minutes for every case on agenda giving particular emphasis to rare and recurrent tumors. Once the Council experts arrive at a preliminary medical decision, you will be notified by email about treatment options that they believe would help you most.

The average time response at Neolife Oncology Center (Turkey) normally lasts 1-2 days which is good news given urgent nature of most oncologic inquiries. 

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TrueBeam radiotherapy technology differs NeoLife Clinic from other oncology centers

Basically, TrueBeam technology is a new all-under-one-roof machine that has integrated and improved multiple previously invented radiation oncology treatment methods including:

  • 3-D Conformal Treatment (external radiotherapy when beams conform to tumor size distributing radiation dose with less damage of healthy tissues; can be applied for malignant and non-cancerous formations)
  • IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy when beams of various intensity conform to tumor size smartly distributing radiation dose with less damage of healthy tissues; mostly applied for breast cancer and head and neck cancer)
  • Electron Treatment (external radiotherapy when negatively charged particles penetrate affected areas close to body surface; mostly applied for skin cancers and lymph nodes)
  • SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy when beams target a tumor from different directions; mostly applied for conditions affecting lungs, liver, and spinal cord)
  • Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (high-precision external radiation therapy with 3-D image assistance ensuring accurate tumor position and precise dosage; mostly applied for tumors in close proximity to vital organs)

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