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    Orthomed Plus is the largest orthopaedic practice in Salzburg, Austria

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Orthopedic surgeons at Orthomed Plus (Salzburg): total hip/knee replacement, kyphoplasty surgery, and non-invasive ACP treatment

Considering orthopedic surgery? Whether you have pain in your shoulder or hips, Dr Drekonja and Dr Kiss at Orthomed Plus Clinic are available whenever you are ready to discuss your problem. No matter the concern, people travel here from various parts of the world though the word of mouth.

Your specialist in orthopedic surgery at Orthomed Plus (Salzburg) will set his schedule so he personally studies your case, performs surgery if needed, and handles your follow-up care

To cut the long story short, whether you are crossing the country or the globe, your orthopaedic surgeon at the clinic will carefully examine your problematic area educating you about treatment options, costs, length of stay, and what rehab program to choose if any.

Surgical types of treatment include:

  • shoulder surgery (arthroscopy) for rotator cuff injury
  • elbow surgery (arthroscopy) for tennis elbow
  • patella realignment
  • hand surgery for trigger finger
  • meniscus surgery
  • foot surgery for Hallux valgus and hammer toes
  • total hip and knee replacement for osteoarthritis
  • spine fusion surgery, spine disc prosthesis surgery, and kyphoplasty surgery

Non-surgical types of treatment include:

  • ACP treatment for cartilage defects, meniscus reconstruction, Morbus Schlatter, etc.
  • hyaluron acid injection for pain management due to arthrosis
  • epidural steroid injection for pain management due to low back pain

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For athletes, physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons at Orthomed Plus (Salzburg)  offer conditions different from those designed for sport lovers. This is because athletes are on tight schedule and usually need to be back in the game as soon as possible. Apart from high-end sport surgery, here they have access to exercise physiology test which shows predisposition to certain trauma and helps develop individual training program.

The clinic staff is actively involved in research, teaching, and clinical trials linked to pain in joints.

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