Preecha Institute
  • Preecha Aesthetic Institute sex change

    In 1980 Preecha Aesthetic Institute pioneered sex change surgery in Thailand

  • Preecha Aesthetic Institute VASER LipoSelection

    VASER LipoSelection body sculpturing is performed at Preecha Aesthetic Institute

  • Preecha Aesthetic Institute Breast augmentation

    Breast augmentation with anesthesia at Preecha Aesthetic Institute is $4,000

  • Preecha Aesthetic Institute hotel

    Hotel stay nearby Preecha Aesthetic Institute is $39-55 per night

  • Preecha Aesthetic Institute rhinoplasty

    Recovery after rhinoplasty at Preecha Aesthetic Institute lasts 5 days

  • Preecha Aesthetic Institute medical opinion

    Learn what Preecha Aesthetic Institute thinks about your photo in only 2 days

  • Preecha Aesthetic Institute gender reassignment

    Success rate of sex change surgery at Preecha Aesthetic Institute is 95%

Preecha Aesthetic Institute in Thailand: pioneer in plastic and gender reassignment surgery with 95% success rate

Have you ever wondered why there’s so much fuss about plastic surgery in Thailand? Let’s see. If you found a beauty procedure you are looking for half the price, with plenty of satisfied customers, and quality close to your expectations, but performed a few thousand miles away from home, would that stop you? Besides, only a few would doubt 35 years of experience.

Dr Preecha Tiewtranon, the founder and mastermind of PAI, started his career back in 1978  and is a board certified surgeon in the U.S., Australia, and Thailand  

Having mastered his skills in plastic and transgender surgery, in 2002 together with his team of board certified devotees Dr Tiewtranon set up Preecha Aesthetic Institute in Bangkok. Annually PAI welcomes hundreds of patients from the U.S., Australia, Japan, and Europe specializing in:

Aesthetic and plastic surgery:

  • breast reconstruction
  • hair transplant
  • liposuction
  • rhinoplasty
  • full face reconstruction
  • dermatology and laser procedures
  • etc.

Gender reassignment surgery:

  • male-to-female (MtF)
  • female-to-male (FtM)
  • mastectomy

On top of that, the institute offers training courses on transgender surgery aimed at handling patients who wish to change their sex with special emphasis on endocrinological and surgical approach.

Some patients may want to search for virotherapy which can be found in Latvia.

For whatever reason you choose PAI, your doctor will first carefully listen to your needs and expectations and then provide specific advice regarding your case. You will also be informed about potential complications and rehabilitation options. Specifically, breast augmentation requires that you stay 5 days in Thailand after surgery for scar removal while for full face/neck/eyelid lift this period is twice as long.

Also, the staff will recommend and book a hotel for you and your accompanying person and arrange an airport transfer. Your companion can stay overnight on a separate sofa in the same ward with you free of charge after your surgery.

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