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    In 1980 Preecha Aesthetic Institute pioneered sex change surgery in Thailand

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    VASER LipoSelection body sculpturing is performed at Preecha Aesthetic Institute

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    Breast augmentation with anesthesia at Preecha Aesthetic Institute is $4,000

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    Hotel stay nearby Preecha Aesthetic Institute is $39-55 per night

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    Recovery after rhinoplasty at Preecha Aesthetic Institute lasts 5 days

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  • Preecha Aesthetic Institute gender reassignment

    Success rate of sex change surgery at Preecha Aesthetic Institute is 95%

Gender reassignment surgery at Preecha Aesthetic Institute in Thailand: MtF and FtM since 1980

Some call it controversial and contrary to nature while others stay neutral or become strong advocates of the issue.

Whatever reason makes you interested in sex reassignment, World Professional Association for Transgender health requires that you undergo a thorough psychological exam before your surgery to eliminate cases of temporary spontaneous impulse often encountered in people in their 20s. Preecha Aesthetic Institute is strictly following these requirements with no exceptions.

In 1980, Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon became known for performing the first transgender surgery in Thailand followed by the opening of Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) in 2002 in Bangkok. Together with his 6 certified surgeons the doctor has been successfully mastering his skills.

Since 1980 Dr. Tiewtranon and his team has performed over 4,500 male-to-female (MtF) and over 1,100 female-to-male (FtM) cases.

To be qualified as a candidate for MtF or FtM surgery, the surgeons will first have to first evaluate your body and mind. For that, you should be:

  • over 18 years old
  • psychologically stable
  • physically healthy
  • compatible with clinical guidelines

According to statistics of sex  change operations at PAI , MtF surgery is in higher demand than FtM whereas men submit their requests 3 times as often as women.

Key genital procedures related to MtF imply:

  • penile skin inversion to create sensible vagina, or
  • sigmoid colon surgery to create sensible vagina with depth over 20 cm

In both cases penile head is used to create clitoris with its initial functions such as sensibility and excitability. Dilatation (vaginal stretching) is essential after the surgery for long-term outcomes and your surgeon will provide you with advice on how to do it with less pain and maximum care. Additional procedures can be performed at the same time to minimize anesthesia and include voice and face feminization surgery, buttock and breast augmentation, tracheal shave, etc.

MtF in numbers:

  • duration of surgery - 2 hours
  • anesthesia - general
  • required length of stay in Thailand - 2 weeks
  • return to work - 3 weeks

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At PAI FtM surgery is performed in 4 stages with 4-month interval

Key genital procedures related to FtM imply:

  • ovariectomy and hysterectomy
  • phalloplasty to create penis longer than 3 cm, or
  • metoidioplasty to create penis shorter than 3 cm

Unlike metoidioplasty, phalloplasty leaves visible scars, however, sexual course with penetration is possible due to testicle and erectile prostheses. Normally, FtM goes hand-in-hand with mastectomy (breast removal). Additional procedures may include calf or pectoral implants, liposuction, etc.

FtM in numbers:

  • duration of surgery - 2-3 hours
  • anesthesia - general
  • required length of stay in Thailand - 10-12 days
  • return to work - 3 weeks

Following either MtF or FtM, your surgeon will discuss with you in detail all do’s and don’ts, hygiene, sexual life, etc. It is required that you consult your endocrinologist about the hormone dosage that may be subject to change after the operation.

Your surgeon understands that sex change operation at PAI is a life-changing and weighted decision. Therefore, the staff actively participates in pre-travel arrangements to help you book your hotel, pick you from the airport, arrange transfers during your stay, etc. Most importantly, it also assists in issuing new gender documents.

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