Sanus Medical Center
  • Sanus Medical Center IVF

    Sanus Medical Center has performed 6500 IVF cycles since its foundation in 1995

  • SANUS cryoembryotransfer

    Success rate at Sanus Medical Center: cryoembryotransfer reaches 35%

  • SANUS egg donation

    €5090 for egg donation, 7 nights, and airport transfers at Sanus Medical Center

  • SANUS foreign couples

    Sanus Medical Center has great experience in helping foreign infertile couples

  • SANUS hotel accommodation

    Hotel rooms are available for €65 per night nearby Sanus Medical Center


    €2200 for IVF package including ICSI and €3400 for PGD at Sanus Medical Center

Sanatorium Sanus (Hradec Kralove): experience since 1995, IVF for international couples, and 39% success rate

Most likely you feel stressful and vulnerable after a few unsuccessful attempts to conceive. Just like many other couples. Sanatorium Sanus makes baby-making not only affordable, but also more promising to couples who badly want to become parents.

Knowing how emotionally exhausting it is to wait for a pregnancy test result and then see only one line, a team at Sanatorium Sanus (Czech Republic) reduces the stress talking to each couple in person and clearly explaining treatment options, duration, and costs along the way

Set in 1995, the clinic has helped to conceive over 1000 healthy babies. It features 3 IVF locations in Hradec Kralove, Jihlava, and Pardubice, making its services accessible and convenient for patients coming from various directions. However, if you are looking for alternative cancer therapy in Europe, read about virotherapy in the UK.

Demonstrating 39% success rate through IVF, ICSI, egg donation, and comprehensive prenatal screening, the clinic also provides organizational counseling for international couples as per Czech regulations related to IVF. It also offers individualized gynecologic treatment for non-cancerous and cancerous formations through minimally-invasive surgery to ensure faster recovery period and better aesthetic effect.

Friendly English-speaking staff will easily recommend a nearby hotel, meet you at the airport, and guide you through the process so you feel comfortable and safe.

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