Sanus Medical Center
  • Sanus Medical Center IVF

    Sanus Medical Center has performed 6500 IVF cycles since its foundation in 1995

  • SANUS cryoembryotransfer

    Success rate at Sanus Medical Center: cryoembryotransfer reaches 35%

  • SANUS egg donation

    €5090 for egg donation, 7 nights, and airport transfers at Sanus Medical Center

  • SANUS foreign couples

    Sanus Medical Center has great experience in helping foreign infertile couples

  • SANUS hotel accommodation

    Hotel rooms are available for €65 per night nearby Sanus Medical Center


    €2200 for IVF package including ICSI and €3400 for PGD at Sanus Medical Center

Women’s health specialists at Sanatorium Sanus (Czech Republic) performed 15,000 surgeries since 1996

If you are looking for cost-effective, caring, and result-driven treatment, you may want to spend a few extra minutes on this page.

Gynecology at Sanatorium Sanus brings together physicians, nurses, and support staff to ensure delicate treatment and long-term results

Sanus Clinic offers the following medical services:

  • minimally-invasive diagnostics (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy)
  • minimally-invasive surgery (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy)
  • hysterectomy for uterine/ovarian cancer. For alternative cancer therapy, read about Rigvir in South Africa.
  • etc.

The clinic cooperates with well-recognized insurance companies and features certified surgical, non-surgical, laboratory equipment. Likewise, it highlights gynecological and physical recovery programs linked to specific ages including:

  • pelvic floor training
  • after-surgery physiotherapy (incl. the Brügger-concept)
  • personalized massage sessions
  • Nordic walking
  • etc.

To make you feel like home, the staff helps book a hotel within walking distance, arrange airport transfers, translate medical reports, etc.

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