Sanus Medical Center
  • Sanus Medical Center IVF

    Sanus Medical Center has performed 6500 IVF cycles since its foundation in 1995

  • SANUS cryoembryotransfer

    Success rate at Sanus Medical Center: cryoembryotransfer reaches 35%

  • SANUS egg donation

    €5090 for egg donation, 7 nights, and airport transfers at Sanus Medical Center

  • SANUS foreign couples

    Sanus Medical Center has great experience in helping foreign infertile couples

  • SANUS hotel accommodation

    Hotel rooms are available for €65 per night nearby Sanus Medical Center


    €2200 for IVF package including ICSI and €3400 for PGD at Sanus Medical Center

Infertility treatment at Sanatorium Sanus (Czech Republic): 39% pregnancy rate in 2014

Don’t panic. You are not alone. It is completely natural to have emotions and questions when your first attempts to get pregnant do not succeed. Chances are, you start surfing the web in search of fertility help including ART (assisted reproductive technologies) and IVF (in-vitro fertilization). Experts say, however, for many couples changes in their lifestyle including sex schedule, eating habits, and exercises can dramatically improve their chances for conceiving.

While assisted conception may not be your cup of tea, your fertility screening and face-to-face talk with a reproductive specialist will show whether you need IVF at Sanus Medical Center or taking vitamins and quitting smoking would be enough

Health evaluation results of you and your partner may still prove that you need fertility assistance. If this is the case, your consulting reproductive specialist will walk you through the specific details including treatment options, length of treatment, and cost.

Fertility treatment options including embryo freezing and egg donation at Sanus Clinic for couples coming from abroad include:

  • ovarian stimulation
  • IVF
  • ICSI
  • egg donation
  • donor embryo and eggs
  • assisted hatching
  • cryotransfer
  • non-invasive prenatal screening
  • ultrasound
  • etc.

Prenatal screening at Sanus Medical Center including ultrasound scan and biochemistry features over 95% detection rate of genetic pathologies in fetus including Down syndrome

Most likely you will need travel assistance while preparing for your trip to Sanus Clinic including airport pick-up service, booking accommodation, etc. Dedicated English-speaking staff will be happy to help you with finding a hotel suitable for your preferences (walking distance or spa option) and budget.

The clinic offers all-inclusive egg donation treatment packages which is a convenient blend of medical services and travel arrangements.

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As a rough guide, check the following prices at Sanus:

  • IVF (Including ICSI ) 2 200 EUR medication for stimulation of ovaries (price varies from 800 EUR to 1 600 EUR).
  • Donor eggs 4 400 EUR medication for recipients (price is up to 200- 300 EUR)
  • Donor embryo 1 600 EUR +medication for recipients (price is up to 200- 300 EUR)
  • Cryotransfer 250 EUR medication for recipients (price is up to 200- 300 EUR)
  • PrimoVision 200 EUR
  • Egg donation treatment package 4 960 EUR (comprising egg donation program without medication for recipient, accommodation for 5 nights in the hotel and transfers from/to the Prague airport) medication for recepients (price is up to 200- 300 EUR)

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