Zlin Clinic
  • Zlin Clinic IVF ICSI PGD

    Zlin Clinic offers IVF, IUI, IFI, ET, ICSI, PICSI, PGD, PGS, MESA/TESE etc

  • Zlin Clinic IVF donor eggs

    IVF with donor eggs at Zlin Clinic: over 65% successful pregnancies per cycle

  • Zlin Clinic egg donors

    At Zlin Clinic egg donors are women under 34 who completed all required tests

  • Zlin Clinic oocyte cryopreservation

    Zlin Clinic was among the pioneers of oocyte cryopreservation in Czech Republic

  • Zlin Clinic IVF cycle oocytes

    IVF cycle with fertilization of up to 10 oocytes (ICSI) for €2200 at Zlin Clinic

  • Zlin Clinic embryo storage

    IVF with egg donation and 1-year embryo storage for €4500 at Zlin Clinic

  • Czech Law Zlin Clinic

    Czech Law allows infertility treatment for individuals under 49 years old

  • Zlin Clinic hotel

    Treatment at Zlin Clinic and hotel rooms for €65 under one roof

  • Zlin Clinic gynecology surgery

    Zlin Clinic delivers 1-day gynecological surgeries in its outpatient department

Clinic of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology Zlin in Czech Republic with success rate over 38%

Chances are, you know what IVF is and heard about Anti-Mullerian hormone. Even though you can be familiar with worldwide stats of every 6th couple being infertile, most likely it doesn’t mean much if you’ve experienced a miscarriage or failed to conceive after IVF.

The only thing that matters is your wish to have a baby with mommy’s eyes and daddy’s smile. And if month after month and year after year there are still only two chairs in your kitchen, you may want to expand your search outside your town or even country and try a new baby-making specialist.

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Consider Zlin Clinic in the Czech Republic as an option for your infertility treatment program and here’s why:

  • set by Prof.Ladislav Pilka, the “author” of the first IVF-baby in the Czech Republic in 1982 (professor has recently passed away)
  • over 1000 IVF cycles per year since 2001
  • over 38% pregnancy success rate
  • around 1000 thoroughly selected and checked donor eggs
  • half the price compared to Germany, Spain, Israel, and Thailand starting from 2200 Euro.
  • 14 years of experience in providing care to international couples
  • a rehabilitation program for couples at spa-town Luhačovice
  • strict compliance with European directive for human tissue and cells
  • good access by air or car from Prague or Vienna
  • English-speaking staff and other languages upon request

Before you start IVF program, your doctor at Zlin Fertility Clinic will examine in depth your case and explain all benefits and risks of a treatment method he/she believes would suit you most. The staff will help arrange accommodation, transportation, and other things on your pre-travel to-do list.

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