Zlin Clinic
  • Zlin Clinic IVF ICSI PGD

    Zlin Clinic offers IVF, IUI, IFI, ET, ICSI, PICSI, PGD, PGS, MESA/TESE etc

  • Zlin Clinic IVF donor eggs

    IVF with donor eggs at Zlin Clinic: over 65% successful pregnancies per cycle

  • Zlin Clinic egg donors

    At Zlin Clinic egg donors are women under 34 who completed all required tests

  • Zlin Clinic oocyte cryopreservation

    Zlin Clinic was among the pioneers of oocyte cryopreservation in Czech Republic

  • Zlin Clinic IVF cycle oocytes

    IVF cycle with fertilization of up to 10 oocytes (ICSI) for €2200 at Zlin Clinic

  • Zlin Clinic embryo storage

    IVF with egg donation and 1-year embryo storage for €4500 at Zlin Clinic

  • Czech Law Zlin Clinic

    Czech Law allows infertility treatment for individuals under 49 years old

  • Zlin Clinic hotel

    Treatment at Zlin Clinic and hotel rooms for €65 under one roof

  • Zlin Clinic gynecology surgery

    Zlin Clinic delivers 1-day gynecological surgeries in its outpatient department

Women's health specialists at Zlin Fertility Clinic offer outpatient care focusing on prevention and privacy

Time to see your gynecologist but too busy to fit it in your schedule because of your trip to Czech Republic? Don’t worry. If affordable and qualified care is what you are used to, you may want to consult specialists at Zlin Clinic.

Outpatient department of gynecology at Zlin Clinic provides:

  • cancer preventive screenings (physical exam, ultrasonography, colposcopy, cytology)
  • anti-cancer vaccination (Read about virotherapy here.)
  • minimally invasive procedures (diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy)
  • advice on menopause-related changes
  • advice on contraception
  • advice on hormone replacement therapy
  • etc

To help you feel comfortable during your visit, your gynecologist will answer any questions you may have regarding your condition and recommended procedures. The staff will assist you in arranging your trip to Zlin Clinic offering information on hotels, airport pick-up service, etc.

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