Zlin Clinic
  • Zlin Clinic IVF ICSI PGD

    Zlin Clinic offers IVF, IUI, IFI, ET, ICSI, PICSI, PGD, PGS, MESA/TESE etc

  • Zlin Clinic IVF donor eggs

    IVF with donor eggs at Zlin Clinic: over 65% successful pregnancies per cycle

  • Zlin Clinic egg donors

    At Zlin Clinic egg donors are women under 34 who completed all required tests

  • Zlin Clinic oocyte cryopreservation

    Zlin Clinic was among the pioneers of oocyte cryopreservation in Czech Republic

  • Zlin Clinic IVF cycle oocytes

    IVF cycle with fertilization of up to 10 oocytes (ICSI) for €2200 at Zlin Clinic

  • Zlin Clinic embryo storage

    IVF with egg donation and 1-year embryo storage for €4500 at Zlin Clinic

  • Czech Law Zlin Clinic

    Czech Law allows infertility treatment for individuals under 49 years old

  • Zlin Clinic hotel

    Treatment at Zlin Clinic and hotel rooms for €65 under one roof

  • Zlin Clinic gynecology surgery

    Zlin Clinic delivers 1-day gynecological surgeries in its outpatient department

Dr. Stanislav Los Chovanec

  • SpecialityIVF Specialist
  • EducationUniversity of P.J.Safarika, Medical Faculty, Kosice, Slovak Republic
  • Professional Experience16 Years
  • LanguagesEnglish, Russian