Alternative Medicine
  • alternative medicine panchakarma institute india

    Dhara, vasthi, kizhi and nasyam at Dr.Franklin's Panchakarma Center (India)

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    Acupuncture for obesity and Alzheimer’s disease at Mission Hospital (Thailand)

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    TCM, homeopathy, and acupuncture for postnatal care at Rudolfinerhaus (Austria)

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    Asthma treatment and acupuncture with TCM at Wanfang Hospital (Taiwan)

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    Alternative medicine for cancer patients at Assuta Medical Center (Israel)

Ayurveda treatment in India draws thousands of patients in search of mind and body balance

Chances are, you have heard that India is a global Ayurveda hub. It is based on a pranic system of medicine aiming to achieve the balance of life energy of your body. Thousands of patients from all corners of the world take long vacations and choose alternative medicine in India to see what Panchakarma or 5-step detox program look like.

Completing programs of alternative medicine in India normally requires 2 weeks with carefully developed diet, herbal oil massages, yoga, and breathing sessions.

Ayurveda therapy may be particularly helpful to treat:

  • stress
  • gastrointestinal diseases
  • post-operative conditions
  • neurological conditions
  • musculoskeletal diseases
  • etc.

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