• Bariatrics Acibadem Turkey

    Acibadem Hospital (Turkey) applies Da Vinci robotic surgery to treat obesity

  • Bariatrics Assuta Israel

    Assuta Medical Center (Israel) offers laparoscopic surgery for obese patients

  • Bariatrics_Iscare_Czech Republic

    Lose 25 kg per year with gastric balloon SPATZ at ISCARE Clinic (Czech Republic)

  • Bariatrics Krankenhaus Nordwest Germany

    Obesity treatment with Optifast® at Krankenhaus Nordwest Hospital (Germany)

  • Bariatrics_MDTC_Lithuania

    Gastric banding at MDTC (Lithuania) takes an hour and helps lose 22 kg per year

Bariatric surgery in Switzerland starts from $13,000

Swiss bariatric surgery has significantly spun over the last 30 years now offering sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, gastric band and more. Following the operation, your bariatric surgeon tightly cooperates with dietitians, physical therapists, and endocrinologists to prescribe you the most accurate after-care plan with a great focus on micronutrition.

Weight loss clinics in Switzerland usually charge foreign patients from $13,000 to $20,000 for any of the procedures mentioned earlier. 

Local surgeons are well-trained to participate actively in treating:

  • severe obesity
  • diabetes type II
  • stroke
  • nutritional deficiency
  • etc.

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