• cardiology fonix hungary

    2-day check-up of cardiovascular system at Fonix Medical Center (Hungary)

  • Cardiology Teknon Medical Center Spain

    Teknon Medical Center (Spain) offers interventional cardiology and 3D ECG

  • Cardiology Rudolfinerhaus Austria

    Non-invasive cardiology and electrotelecardiography at Rudolfinerhaus (Austria)

  • prince court medical center cardiology malaysia

    Prince Court Medical Center (Malaysia) offers biplane flat detectors and MSCT

  • Сardiology Assuta Israel

    Assuta Medical Center (Israel) carries out 5,000 heart catheterizations per year

Cardiac treatment in Jordan feature high-end angioplasty for $5,000

Developments in heart surgery have made Jordan one of the leading destinations in the region. Local heart specialists perform open heart surgery, coronary artery surgery, heart surgeries in infants, etc. They are known to pioneer the first heart and bone marrow transplant in the region in the early 1990s.

Cardiology in Jordan is chosen by many due to its hi-techs and prices lower than in Israel. For instance, angioplasty here costs around $5,000 while Israeli clinics may charge you in the neighborhood of $16,000. 

Local heart surgeons demonstrate outstanding results in treating heart diseases such as:

  • atherosclerosis
  • peripheral vascular disease
  • mitral valve prolapse
  • ischaemic heart disease
  • congenital heart disease
  • etc.

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